DrillRite Approach


Our Staff


Our Experience in the Environmental Field:

Our company was founded based on our experience with Layne-Western in the environmental field. Our experience drilling on super-fund sites in the South East, Mid West and North Eastern regions was what allowed us to realize states across the nation were beginning to employ safety measures still not required in New England. When we first started DrillRite in '94 we were involved in the drilling project at Loring Air Force Base, in Caribou Maine for 6 months. This became a foundation for DrillRite safety and environmental care.

Translating our Environmental Experience into a Win Win situation for Home Water Wells:

Drilling, on pollution sites, in the environmental field led DrillRite to a conviction that water wells for home and commercial use should employ the same high standards of maintaining environmental integrity, ensuring a safe source of water and requiring safety measures used by state and/or federally employed drillers. We see this as a win win situation for home owners, the environment & for us, as a business.