DrillRite Approach


Our Staff


An enviromentally-aware, seacoast-based drilling company, DrillRite employs a hardworking, dedicated crew that combines experience with a drive for a quality product to give you, the customer, a secure, well-constructed well the first time.

Marsha K. Hatch: Customer Service, CEO & working-manager of DrillRite; is a believer in constant improvement for the drilling business as a whole. Looking to provide a safer, more secure well in a state that has yet to enforce methods already required in many other states, she goes that extra mile for you, the customer.

Douglas Hatch, Jr.: Customer Service & DrillRite's on-site drilling supervisor; has been in the drilling business 21 years. Adept in drilling and adding a customer-friendly experience, he's devoted to making a quality well with as minimal damage to surrounding environments as possible.